~My Credentials & Fun Facts~

- 12 Years as a Navy Combat Photojournalist

- 4 Years as a Navy Public Affairs Officer

- Communication (Journalism) from the University of Maryland

- M.A. in Photography from the Savanah  College of Art and Design 

- Would rather be snowboarding than anything on Earth! 

- Love to compete; Triathlons, golf, etc

- Hate salads (I know, right?!?)

- Married to my High School Sweetheart 

- Enjoy raw broccoli and peanut butter :) 

~My Philosophy~

   For me, I can find no more happiness than being outside with the ones I love, enjoying everything life has to offer.  Whether its Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, or even the Arctic, my travels have taught me the best life has to offer is outside. I bring this same ideology to my work.

   Mother Nature has painted a masterpiece outside the studio. We spend all week inside a building somewhere working to provide for our families.  The last thing we should do is go back inside somewhere else for fotos.  Outside is where WE experience life, where WE create lasting memories.