The Greatest T-Ball Game Ever Played!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Youth sports will always have a special place in my heart. Like so many of us, I lived out my childhood MLB fantasies on a team of ragtag kids who were my "best friends" for at least two nights a week. Usually that meant hot, muggy nights in Southern Indiana playing on a field about 40 yards from the small river that snaked through our rural town.

So when Faith McGowen asked me to take pictures of her future MLB star Jackson, I couldn't say yes fast enough. Faith is an incredibly dedicated mother, and in true Southern fashion she unequivocally knows by the age of 5 Jackson is not only a T-Ball legend...Hall of Famer not doubt... but also a future dual-sport SEC stud athlete (Echoes of "Roll Tide" reverberate in the distance). Joking aside Faith has the caring, passion and patience

you wish upon every child who participated in youth sports. That's what made this shoot so easy. You always want to do well for the good ones, and Fatih and the McGowen family are some of the best. So to honor the love she has both for Jackson and the game, I risked life and limb (Ha!) to capture Jackson's part in what will be known as the great T-ball game every played.

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